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About Koshowko - March 2008

"...a mesmerizing arrival that literally promises more groundbreaking to come. "

('Promise' single review - 'Beat' magazine)

"More beautifully deep electro-dub that's sure to delight fans of their recent 'In Version: Dub Selections'"

('Promise' single review - 'In The Mix' magazine)

"Koshowko reworking of ‘Switch On' that layers dubbed-out jazzy keys over a Mo' Wax-esque clattering backbone of big-beat drum breaks while stretching some gorgeously smoky-sounding muted trumpets over a wandering hiphop bassline in my personal favourite of the five tracks on offer here"

('Switched On' song review - 'In The Mix' magazine)

"...brilliant slice of analogue genius, the first single."

('Switch On' single review - '100%' magazine)

"Absolutely highly recommended, my friends."

('Double Exposure' album review - 'Beat' magazine)

"It's a dense hypnotic world, part experimental, part dub, all encompassing."

('Double Exposure' album review - 'Zebra' magazine)

"Koshowko take things down into treacherous broken rhythms on the expansive ‘Promise', slightly eerie vocoders tracing a path through echoing scattershot dub drums and brooding, spy-movie synths, providing one of this compilation's most storming and sinister digitally-assisted beat breakdowns..."

('In Version: Dub Selections' album review - 'In The Mix' magazine)

"...certainly lush and intricately produced, all ear-tickling micro-production, rainforest atmospherics and the occasional jabbing electro beat..."

('Switch On' single review - 'Inpress' magazine)


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KOSHOWKO is the musical brainchild of Polish born Martin K, philosopher turned music producer, fusing underground-pop and electro-dub. Koshowko's musical style encompasses everything from catchy electro-pop tunes, haunting instrumentals to dabbling in dub.
Originator Martin Koszolko has a background in industrial music, anarcho-environmental activism and the appreciation of fine vodkas. Upon arriving in Melbourne he positioned himself at the helm of his trusty audio interface and was soon producing pumping basslines, haunting melodies, and oh-so catchy riffs.

What also characterises Martin's style is his desire and openness to collaborative work. This has led to recent collaborations with woodwind instrumentalist Ceri Hale and vocalist Arnie Chelvendra whose voice has been described as “smooth soul-man tones”.

Over the last two years Koshowko performed many gigs around Victoria, including at The Empress, First Floor, Loop as well as at festivals such as Opoeia and Electundra. For full details please visit

In February 2007, Koshowko released the single Promise, a 6 track offering, including their new song ‘Whispers and Stories' along with 5 versions of the title track.

More of the Koshowko sound can be heard on their track ‘Promise (Winduptoys Overhere Mix)' from the Clan Analogue compilation ‘In Version: Dub Selections' and their brilliant, collaborative ‘Switched On', appearing as a duet on Winduptoys album Double Exposure.

Other composition credits include the soundtrack for the award winning short film “Revolving Door”, currently doing the rounds on an international festival circuit, which includes the 2006 Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival or the 2007 St Kilda Film Festival, plus festivals in Japan, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Italy, USA, Brazil and Germany.

You can also look out for Koshowko's stunning remixes of Disco Stu and B(if)tek, to be featured on the forthcoming album Re Cognition: the Clan Analogue Legacy Collection, due early 2008.

Koshowko have recently returned from a mini-tour of Germany and now are ready to promote their EP, titled “Anarchy Monarchy” released in December 2007 on Las Machinas!

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